Mission Statement

In search of educational solutions in the era of artificial intelligence

The Institute for Future Intelligence (IFI) is made possible by U.S. tax payers through generous funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Why IFI?

There are already many organizations dedicated to STEM education. Why launch another one? Because we believe that a significant part of education would need to be revamped for future generations to adapt to the serious challenges posed by widespread use of artificial intelligence and embrace the great opportunities brought by it. Our goal is to become a leading institution of research and development that focuses on reimagining the relationship between human and machine and getting ready for its profound impacts on society.

Three Engines for the Next Industrial Revolution

IFI develops innovative learning technologies, curriculum materials, and educational programs along three directions that are reshaping our world: quantum computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). Each of these areas of our work responds to a Big Idea put forward by the National Science Foundation that sets its priorities in the coming decade. The quantum computing strand answers the call for Quantum Leap, the IoT strand for Harnessing the Data Revolution, and the AI strand for Future of Work at Human-Technology Frontier.

Like many others, IFI believes that the rapid development in these three fields and their fusion—with strong AI as a possible capstone—will create tremendous opportunities for innovations and businesses in years to come. STEM education in our country must prepare students for these unprecedented changes. Underinvestment in human resource development in these strategically important fields will erode our global leadership and jeopardize our national security. IFI identifies the next five years as a window of opportunity to build up the organization’s capital and reputation. Equipped with more than two decades of experience in STEM research and education highly related to the three fields, we are ready to start this new journey.