Walking into a Model with the Navigation Mode

By Charles Xie and Xiaotong Ding

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Once you have designed a model, you may want to see how it may look in the real world from the perspective of a person inside or around it (e.g., the curb appeal of a house). The navigation mode of Aladdin is designed for that purpose. In some cases, the navigation mode is also useful while constructing a model. For example, when constructing a complex building, you can move closer to a specific area of a wall in this mode to make drawing a window on it easier.


Enter or leave the navigation mode using "Main Menu > View > Navigation View" or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/⌘+U (on/off toggle). Once you are in that mode, use the following keys to move or turn around:

  • W — Move forward
  • A — Move to left
  • S — Move backward
  • D — Move to right
  • Z — Move up
  • X — Move down
  • ← — Turn left
  • → — Turn right
  • ↑ — Look up
  • ↓ — Look down

The following videos show some examples.

Walking into a house

A virtual experience of walking into a house

Flying over a solar farm

A virtual experience of flying over a solar farm

Flying over linear Fresnel reflectors

A virtual experience of flying over linear Fresnel reflectors


This article introduces the navigation mode of Aladdin that allows the user to "walk in" a model to experience the designed effects.

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